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Do you need help in selecting the right furniture, paint color, and other treatments to go with a specific style

(and budget) in mind?


Or maybe even want to go all out and create your dream home, but don't exactly know where to begin? 

Designing your home -whether it involves styling or taking on renovations- comes with all sorts of complexities.

By hiring Design Two & Five, you'll not save only yourself from costly design mistakes before they happen, but you'll also get a chance to take a step back and enjoy the process.  Your home, after all, should be your sanctuary, not a war zone! 

Here are just some of the ways I can help you address your needs, all with a personal touch and a guiding hand.


D E S I G N   C O N S U L T A T I O N  

Want to  jumpstart your design project off on the right foot? Badly need a space designed but don't have the luxury of time?

We can start with a 1-hr or a more comprehensive 1,5-hour design consultation session where we can go over your design dilemmas and come up with timesaving, hassle-free solutions.



E - D E S I G N  

Your dream room design delivered right into your inbox! Just provide me the photos and measurements (along with the filled out questionnaire), and I'll provide you a complete set of digital design solutions. Curious?

A  L A   C A R T E  

With all the necessary room measurements and requirements, I will provide any of the following design drawings for you via email. If you'd like me personally come to your home to measure or do an inventory of the space, that can be arranged as well with corresponding fees.


Once received, please note this may take 1-2 weeks depending on the room requirements. 


  • Floor Plan and Furniture Layout

  • Lighting Layout 

  • Flooring/Tile Layout

  • Elevations of Custom Built-ins and Wall Treatment

  • Sketches and 3D Renderings

F U L L   D E S I G N   S E R V I C E

This is where we truly get our knuckles cracking. But don't worry! I'll be guiding you through the design process from start to finish, and saving you the fatigue in crucial decision-making. Design is all about collaboration, and tailoring everything to your wants and needs. My job is to ensure that you're perfectly happy with the end result. For this package, it includes: 

  ✓ ​   Full Consultation​

  ✓ ​   Schematic Design (sketches, preliminary plans, mood & material board)

  ✓ ​   Design Development & Documentation 

  ✓ ​   Design Implementation- with a contractor of choice

  ✓ ​   Construction Administration (site meetings, tracking progress against set timeline, etc.)

  ✓ ​   Furniture/Furnishings Selection & Purchasing

  ✓    Styling and punch-listing

Note: Rates are subject to the extent, duration and nature of the project.  

Interested in availing these services or have a more bespoke service in mind? 

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